Hildner For Texas House of Representatives
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Meet Jonathan Hildner

Jonathan is a native and proud Texan. His father served as a Brigadier General in the Army until he passed away in Afghanistan in 2012. Jonathan’s father believed in the power of relationships in problem solving and never hesitated to put his soldiers first. It is in the spirit of these same beliefs–the need to put the people of his district first and work toward collaborative solutions–that inspired Jonathan to run for Texas State House.

Growing up in Killeen provided many invaluable memories and lessons, although it was not an easy journey. Playing football provided community and structure for Jonathan, which helped guide his decision to leave the state for college. While he was away, Jonathan discovered that although every city is vibrant and full of life, not every city has the strength, resilience, and grit that Killeen has.

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The Economy

Investing in small business and entrepreneurs will revitalize jobs in construction and childcare as well as new sectors like tech.



Improving district infrastructure will provide greater access to clean water, more childcare centers, and increased broadband access.

Veterans Care

Veteran Care

Dedicated to improving the lives of veterans, including expanding tax abatement programs and awarding contracts to vet-owned businesses.

Community Policing


Providing training and greater access to mental health resources will help rebuild the relationship between police and the community.

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