Collective PAC Endorsement

Collective PAC

Receiving the endorsement of the Collective PAC during Black History Month is both humbling and motivating for me. District 54 serves a large block of black voters who have long been the target of racist policies and voting suppression. Giving them a voice in this election is a responsibility I take very seriously. I’m grateful for the Collective PAC’s support.

Endorsement Clayton Tucker

Clayton Tucker

Clayton has set the standard of how to engage young voters across rural Texas and he’s been an inspiration and leader to everyone here at Team Hildner. Jonathan is honored to have his support in our campaign to flipping HD-54 blue. This endorsement demonstrates Jonathan’s dedication to connecting with young voters and striving for real change for current and future generations.

Endorsement Julie Oliver

Julie Oliver

I received the endorsement of former Congressional Candidate, Julie Oliver. Julie is someone who understands the value of compassionate leadership service to one’s community. I am humbled and grateful to have her confidence in my leadership.

Endorsement - Andy Williams

Mayor Andy Williams

Mayor of Nolanville, Andy Williams, has endorsed my campaign to flip TX-54 blue. Mayor Williams is a fighter. He knows what it takes to make change, elevate lives, and advocate for others – and that is exactly what we are doing for TX-54. I am honored to have such a strong, Texan leader’s support.

Endorsement - Run for Something

Run For Something

I’m honored to become a part of the Run for Something community. Their work lifts up the work of candidates across the country. With their help, we can continue to grow an already powerful movement to change HD-54 for the better.