Jonathan's Platform

The Economy

Jonathan knows that small business is the backbone of Killeen’s local economy. Small businesses strengthen the economy and help sustain our community. However, small businesses in District 54 have been struggling under years of disinvestment and a lack of support from representatives. This is why Jonathan believes in expanding and properly utilizing federal CARES Act funding as well as investing in grants for tech companies, and micro businesses. We can diversify our economy while also building up our local entrepreneurs.

Investing in Killeen and the surrounding communities means that tangible changes are coming. Jonathan knows that our infrastructure plan and a focus on small business will bring hundreds of jobs into Killeen. Jonathan intends to revitalize jobs in local construction and childcare as well as new sectors like tech.


Jonathan sees improving our infrastructure as a giant step in District 54’s progress. Jonathan knows that infrastructure is a multi-faceted topic and has laid out the 4 most important local issues we need to address. They are as follows:

  1. Providing access to clean water: District 54 has received a growing number of boil water notices this past year. Boil water notices are becoming more frequent and lasting longer. Jonathan will expand funding to ensure every resident has access to clean drinking water. He believes that we should be more proactive in addressing this issue, rather than taking the typical reactive approach.
  2. Fixing roads and bridges: Winter storm Uri hit our state hard. Fixing the damages and building a stronger system for the future will cost $160 million alone. Jonathan believes we need to invest money and resources to create a long term solution to the road damage caused by our hot summers and cold winters. We need improved highways as well as enlarged existing highways to connect our cities better. This will also increase well paying jobs in our district.
  3. Childcare: In talking with folks in the district, Jonathan knows that our childcare costs are quite expensive. Our parents shouldn’t have to worry about affording quality childcare, and our children should not be left behind. Jonathan will increase funding to create more childcare centers, as well as increase wages for childcare workers.
  4. Rural Broadband: Providing accessible and affordable broadband internet is one of the key steps in invigorating our economy. Without access to broadband internet, small businesses are not able to access the resources they need and many can’t get their companies off of the ground. Also without affordable broadband internet, our children are not able to access the education tools they need from home. Jonathan believes we can’t leave our children and our most vulnerable behind. When elected, Jonathan will fight for expanded funding and accessibility for broadband internet.

Veteran Care

As a Gold Star child, Jonathan holds the well-being of veterans above most else. He is dedicated to improving the lives of those who served our country, as best he can in the State House. This includes expanding tax abatement programs, as well as awarding contracts to local vet-owned businesses. We can’t leave our veterans behind.

Community Building / Crime Prevention

Jonathan believes in a two-pronged approach to rebuilding the relationship between police forces and the communities they serve:

First, he is committed to changing the standards of police procedure at a systemic level. He will fight to fund and implement improved training and education with an eye toward a more collaborative relationship between communities and law enforcement. He will push to change policies and procedures that disproportionately affect historically disenfranchised populations.

Simultaneously, Jonathan believes in the importance of making mental health services and professionals part of the regular community support system. He recognizes that community members and police officers alike are safer when trained mental health professionals are present to aid in de-escalation and conflict resolution.


Jonathan believes that the passing of the Texas Abortion Bill is a direct violation of women’s rights. When elected, Jonathan will fight to protect the right to choose. Jonathan will also fight to expand access to women’s reproductive healthcare.


Jonathan recognizes that it is well past time to decriminalize and legalize cannabis. This will help solve our crumbling criminal justice system, as well as be a great resource for Veterans who are suffering from PTSD or other injuries received while in service. Jonathan also knows the tax benefits alone will make a huge difference in Killeen. Cannabis tax will be diverted directly into our robust infrastructure policies. Jonathan is prepared to push for the changes necessary to provide this option and is ready to move away from the unnecessary over-policing of marijuana.

Gun Violence

Jonathan will advocate for universal background checks and red flag laws. He also will fight to increase funding for gun violence deterrent programs. Jonathan recognizes the 2nd amendment. But he also believes we can work together to pass safe and needed gun control, while continuing to uphold the right to bear arms.


In a rapidly modernizing economy, we need to set up our kids for success. That means ensuring that our public schools have the resources and freedom needed to find innovative ways to prepare students for college and careers. Texas ranks in the bottom 10 states for per pupil spending. Additionally, our schools are facing challenges of teacher retention–which is costing taxpayers approximately $20,000 in unnecessary teacher training costs for every teacher who leaves the profession, and costing our students opportunities to thrive in the classroom. These problems have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can improve our public education system by:

  • Increasing per-pupil spending to be on par with the national average.
  • Use the full amount of federal COVID relief funds intended for education on our schools, NOT to fill other holes in the state budget
  • Invest in rural broadband and technology for schools across the state.
  • Invest in higher teacher salaries and professional development programs to increase teacher retention.