Meet Jonathan Hildner

Jonathan looking ahead in the distance

Jonathan’s story is, in many ways, the same as the city of Killeen. Although the struggles Jonathan has endured are great, he has overcome them with the community Killeen has provided.

Jonathan is a native and proud Texan. His father served as a Brigadier General in the Army until he passed away in Afghanistan in 2012. Jonathan’s father believed in the power of relationships in problem solving and never hesitated to put his soldiers first. It is in the spirit of these same beliefs–the need to put the people of his district first and work toward collaborative solutions–that inspired Jonathan to run for Texas State House.

Growing up in Killeen provided many invaluable memories and lessons, although it was not an easy journey. Playing football provided community and structure for Jonathan, which helped guide his decision to leave the state for college. While he was away, Jonathan discovered that although every city is vibrant and full of life, not every city has the strength, resilience, and grit that Killeen has.

Jonathan walking through main street

Over the past decade, Bell County has exploded in size, population, and diversity. Unfortunately, the infrastructure in Bell County communities has struggled to keep up with this growth. Dilapidated housing in our historic communities, lack of job opportunities, and poor access to broadband throughout the county are just a few of the issues keeping Bell County from reaching its potential. Jonathan recognizes the need to prioritize cleaning up our beautiful communities with emphasis on attracting new job opportunities to the county.

2020 was a wakeup call. Many of our country’s greatest challenges were brought to the forefront. The pandemic, the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the 2020 election, and winter storm Uri each highlighted the need for community organization and empowerment. Jonathan, like many, found comfort and strength in working with his neighbors to bridge gaps, distribute resources, and fight for local interests.

With this in mind, Jonathan decided to put the interests of others above all and work on the Biden campaign to make each city around the country a better place. After a whirlwind election, Jonathan knew he needed to use his expanded campaigning experience to be a voice for his community here at home.

Jonathan walking through main street
Jonathan in front of Killeen water tower

Jonathan believes in fighting for his neighbors and their interests. Killeen and its surrounding communities deserve a dedicated representative and policies they believe in. With the interests of the district in mind, Jonathan is running on revitalizing our infrastructure, protecting our veterans, creating a robust local economy, and legalizing marijuana.

Jonathan’s deep local connections to the people of Killeen, mixed with his understanding of national progress, are what make him the best candidate for leading House District 54 into the future. One thing we hear often while talking to folks in the district, is the desperate need for new leadership that listens and fights for what our communities need – someone the people can relate to. Jonathan is this candidate. It’s going to be hard work but with the future of Texas at stake, Jonathan isn’t going anywhere.